Meet Gary Panter (and Jimbo)

Have you ever heard of Gary Panter?

He’s a brilliant illustrator, who is perhaps most famous to the likes of us for Jimbo (above). Jimbo is the ultimate punk cartoon character, with his Henry Rollins biceps (swoon) and buzz cut. Jimbo made his debut in hardcore ‘zine, Slash, and it’s there that I first saw him. Although I should make clear that I didn’t see Jimbo for the first time in 1979, when this cover first appeared. I’m not quite that old. Nevertheless, this cover is one of my favourite pieces of art, particuarly Jimbo’s speech bubble. For the less eagle eyed, our hero is informing us that, ‘The World Don’t Deserve This Good of a Magazine!!!’ When I was putting together my MA magazine, Jimbo was my wallpaper, and his message (probably) spurred me on. One day, I will suck it up and pay the $100 this edition of Slash costs. Until then, here’s a little look at some of Panter’s other work, which I have spent most of today perving over.

And check out these totally trippy children’s rooms that he created!

Very Jean Charles De Castelbajac, non?

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