Bittersweets jewellery (and some cheaper alternatives)

My taste in jewellery is, like my taste in most things, a bit all over the place. One of my favourite designers is Bittersweets, who I originally came across back in NYC. My favourite pieces by them have always been the more sinister pieces, and when I discovered Toy Me’s collection this week, I felt the same foreboding feelings of fancy. Maybe it’s because I’m a lover not a fighter? I rarely ever raise my voice, let alone get physical — perhaps this a way of living out my inner Patrick Bateman fantasies? Anyway, Bittersweets and Toy Me are not alone in their weaponry collections — in fact there’s very similar looking pieces popping up all over the place…

Toy Me Sterling Silver Trapper Bracelet, $382,

Bittersweets NY Sterling Silver Dagger Earrings, $80,

Bittersweets NY 14k Gold Sword Necklace, $425, as before

Girlprops Dagger Pendant (looks familiar), $5.99,

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