Style icon: Fay Fife from the Rezillos

To make up for the two lame-ass excuses for punks I reported on earlier today, I figured it would be nice to end the day with a look at a real kick-ass punk lady. The Rezillos are a criminally underrated punk/nuwave band, who appeared way back in 1976. With a penchant for all things spacey and futuristic, the band made awesome poppy tunes, and put on great stage shows featuing fun costumes and stage shows. Although they split and formed other bands in the 80s, they are now back together and gigging again. Clearly the best member of the band is the fabulous Fay Fife, who spits out lines in a fantastic broad Scottish accent.

The band’s bio sums up Fay’s style best;

Ah, The Mary Quant of Day-Glo Punk – My, haven’t the years been kinder to her than most…and hell, the heart of a deranged Tasmanian devil still beats deep within!

Here a couple of more recent shots of Fay, still looking as brilliant as ever. Question: could your mum rock a plastic chain mail outfit?

The Rezillos are probably best known for the AMAZING song, (Somebody’s Gonna Get Their) Head Kicked in Tonight, which was featured in the original Jackass movie. Fun fact; this song was originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac. No, really.

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