Hair and beauty hero: ‘Baby’ Jane Holzer

I loved the makeup at Christian Dior’s A/W ’08 show — the winged eyeliner, the false lashes, the pale lips… not to mention the bouffant hair, which by now I’m sure you all know how much I love. One of the inspirations for the look was 60s socialite and Andy Warhol muse, ‘Baby’ Jane Holzer.

Holzer was a real Park Avenue princess, the ultimate New York socialite — the Paris Hilton of her day, if you will. As well as a hefty inheritance fund, Holzer Married into money and she has worked variously as an actress, model, art collector, and, most famously, muse to the artist Andy Warhol. As well as Warhol, she was photographed by the legendary David Bailey for Vogue in the 60s.

You can check Holzer out in the Warhol movies, Soap Opera and Batman Dracula, and Ciao! Manhattan. For now though, let’s just take a moment to revel in the massive hair, amazing makeup, and mod-tastic 60s garb. I love you Baby Jane!

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