Style icon: Tina Weymouth

Talking Heads are pretty much the greatest band in the world. I mean, nobody’s going to argue with that. After Talking Heads, surely Tom Tom Club are a pretty good second? And you know what makes these two bands so fucking awesome? No, not you Chris Frantz, your incredibly talented, incredibly beautiful, incredibly amazing wife, dummy. Yup, Tina Weymouth is this week’s fashion icon. It’s not just her style that we love though. In fact, her style is pretty much the least amazing thing about her. And it’s amazing! What the fuck? Her bass slapping is mind blowing, and, well, I’m no expert, but have you heard anything like it? If you’re unfamiliar with Tina, or even Talking Heads (shame on you), check out Stop Making Sense – the best live DVD ever? Here’s a clip of Tina and the boys playing Genius of Love.

Onward to the frivolity!

All we need now is for David Byrne to get over himself, have a Talking Heads reunion tour, and make my life complete. If Frank Black can do it, so can you Byrne!

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