Marlo and Snoop model

Don’t know how this makes me feel. Marlo (OK, actor Jamie Hector) and Snoop (SNOOP’S REAL) from The Wire modelling for the Guardian. Part of me is like, WOAH this is so awesome my head has, perhaps, imploded.

But most of me is like, ‘Fuck you Marlo, you fucker…I cannot forgive you for what you’ve done… and as for you, Snoop… well, I kinda hate you but I actually also love you in a weird way and I definitely love Felicia Pearson.’

The final part of me is just wondering how I missed this first time round. Thanks Guardian, for being consistently the best newspaper in the world. THANKS.

BTW, obv this has already been on Brandish… OBV. Loving your work.


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