Ashidashi novelty socks are better than any other novelty socks

One of the negatives of not wearing trousers any more is that I don’t get to wear socks. Every now and then I get the opportunity to slip a pair on and BOY is it a (comfortable) novelty. My boyfriend wears a variation on these most days and raves about how pulling them right up is basically the sartorial equivalent of an enema, ie, the most satisfying thing on the planet. Anyway, one thing that would mos def tempt me back to the world of pants is these Ashidashi socks. I don’t know which are my favourite…

The meat?

The fags?

The woodgrain?

Actually, fuck that, it’s the pencil. OH GOD THIS IS SO HARD.

The intestines?


K, just go buy yourself some awesome ASHIDASHI socks here.


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