Memento Mori finds from Venice

While we were away, my boyfriend pointed out that my ‘goodbye I’m going to Venice’ post should have been called, ‘Here today, gondola tomorrow’. So for that oversight, I apologise.

I feel pleasingly full to the brim with art. We spent the best part of the week sniffing out everything the Biennale had to offer, both on and off site. When we weren’t on the Biennale trail, we seemed to be in art galleries anyway… it was a wankishly cultural holiday and I’m sorry to say that I’m very happy about that. I hope to ~blog~ about some of the highlights, but whether the 402320 emails awaiting me at work tomorrow will allow me to do so, only time will tell. One thing I will say is that I was psyched to go to the Museo Fortuny at last. It’s awesome, probably the best curated place I’ve ever been.

If you’re planning a trip to Venice any time soon, holler at me because you have to stay at the apartment we rented. It’s insanely well located for just about everything, including the produce market where we spent many a happy morning ogling fruit the size… well, the size fruit should be. You should also eat at Osteria Bea Vita, which made me enjoy wolfing down whole octopi like no other restaurant has ever managed.

ANYWAY enough of the Dear Diary-worthy rambling. I wanted to tell you about this weird jewellery store I found. It was closed whenever we walked past, but the window was full of awesome things, and I managed to track down a website too. I warn you now, the site is questionable at best. But YEGOD the jewels. They specialise in Memento Mori – the skull (here we go) encrusted talismen that are designed to remind you of your mortality. Memento Mori is ‘remember you will die’ in Latin, in case you skipped that class. I’m just gonna crib from the site for a moment in case you don’t know this… they’re ‘an abstract warning of death, especially [popular] in the 16th and 17th centuries. They include finger rings, brooches, pendants, watch cases, earrings, bracelets etc. The articles were usually mad eof gold with black enamelled motifs or set with gemstones.’

So far so awesome. I really wanted the gold leaf human skull, but as you’ll see on the site, the price is ‘confidentia’. Here are some other highlights… They’re largely antiques (real antiques, not things from the 80s… take another 200 years off). I die repeatedly.

Sorry for the wordiness on this post. I missed the Internet, what can I say? Sorry for the random pics too, I couldn’t bear all the words. OH & before I forget. Here’s the site. Venice Jewels. Don’t be put off by the name or the abysmal Geocities layout.

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