Finds from Archive Vintage’s Back Room

Archive Vintage has long been one of my favourite sites to while away lunchtimes. Doing vintage online tends to fall into one of two categories: C&A bumf from the 90s or amazing high end stuff that costs so much you might as well just buy it new. Archive manages to straddle the two really well with a well curated selection of designer bits and bobs at reasonable rates and cheaper pieces that aren’t made out of 150% polyester. Top of my pretend wishlist right now are the Moschino smiley purse ($325) and Chanel dress ($1,050) which I’m convinced is the most perfect frock I’ve seen in months.

Anyway, the point of all this was to tell you that Archive have a new addition to the site… The Back Room. Oooooh. Aaaaah. The pieces on offer here are just as nice as the main site but waaaaaay way cheaper. It’s still not charity shop cheap, but TBH I find it pretty rare to find any vintage online that’s actually reasonable priced and still appealing. My two favourite things are this KISS bandana ($22) which would be a welcome addition to my collection and this totally awesome devil charm bracelet ($22) which I would be buying right about now if I wore bracelets. I have one studded gold band that I wear every day pretty much, but other than that I’m not a bracelet wearer. I find they get in the way of my typing and, let’s be honest, typing is the most important thing in my day to day life.

Shop ARCHIVE VINTAGE NOW… I actively encourage it.


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