What I Wore Today: The Drawn Edition

(L-R: Isabelle T, Kate Doodles)

I know you’ll have all seen this already – the internet is a small place, right? Still, if one person sees this that hasn’t already, that’s a bonus boner. What I Wore Today: The Drawn Edition, is about ten billion times better than WIWT, photo snoresville. WIWT has always been fun (and still is), but these days (oh get me, old timer) there’s soooooooooooooooooo much bumf to filter through.

What I Wore Today in drawn form is amazing and perfect for those who don’t feel so confident balancing their camera atop their dresser, standing on their bed, and hoping for the best. Creator Gemma Correll has a great style – both in fashion and illustration – and I hope her dream of turning the Flickr pool into a book comes to fruition. Oh and it goes without saying that there are obviously bonus points for pug inclusion. Awesome skillz Gemma!


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