Me and my Hudson’s Bay Blanket Coat

(drunk or hungover in Munich a few years ago…)

Back in the dark old days of this blog, I wrote about my Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Coat that I picked up for a few quid at some charity shop. After today’s events (more on which to come), I figured I’d reprise the post. Although I can’t find the original, so it’s less a reprise, more a whole new one.

Hudson’s Bay Point Blankets have a long and fairly interesting history. I was going to attempt to tell you, but let’s face it, I’d just be copying and pasting and rewording from another website so let’s cut out the middle man – you can read the whole stripy story here on the official website.

Done? So basically Hudson’s Bay is an integral piece of Canada’s fashion history (is there more? You tell me) and it’s quite hard to get hold of the originals these days. They’re worth a little bit too — although not to the shop in Sheffield where I got mine, evidently.

I didn’t realise the value (or the history) until I’d owned it for a year or two and was bored one afternoon temping. My jacket was hung on the back of the door and I suddenly noticed how intricate the label was. I decided to Google it and the rest is a happy stripy history. After learning the Hudson’s story, I aged it through this fan site (no really)… all evidence points to mine being from somewhere between 1934 and 1940 – just like the one above. Neat!

That wasn’t the historical post I had planned. I bailed, I admit it.

Anyway… Today a Canadian woman chased me through the market, eyes wild. ‘IS THAT A HUDSON’S BAY?????’ she asked (with that many question marks in her voice). I guessed what was coming and I was kinda in a hurry, but I humoured her and told her that yes, indeed it was. I told her I knew they were special but she still wanted to chat. I’m pretty bad mannered but I stuck it out while she told me what a treat it was to see one. She was pretty excited by the news it cost me a tenner and told me how pricey they were (if you can find them) back home. $500 she said, although I think that may have been a lie. Or was it an offer?

Thanks, lady! I’m glad I made your day, although I was pretty mad at the time that you held me up.

All images thanks to the Hudson’s Bay Company Heritage Site. I love you and I love my coat.


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