1920s: The beginning of an obsession

HOLY SHIT I love the 1920s. For some reason this year has been the year of the 20s obsession for me. I’m not sure what started it. Every single book I’ve read this year (bar Katie Price’s latest, obvo) has been 1920s fiction or a cultural history of the era. I’M LEARNING STUFF FOR FUN. I’m obsessed. Can’t get enough. I am maxing out my Amazon Prime membership (thanks, Amazon PR!) to the, well, max.

BBC4 has had an awesome series of programmes this month as part of the Glamour’s Golden Age season. You can watch a lot of it on the iPlayer and I really recommend it. Lots of my favourite historians (lol, what?Lawrence Napper is a braincrush) are on there and some of the footage is just amazing. Because I’ve been so fucking nerdy on the subject, it’s not taught me much, but it’s a totally brilliant watch all the same.

My favourite actress from the era (for this week, until I get onto my next biography) is Theda Bara [pictured throughout], aka the original vamp. Clearly a total babe, Theda was born Theodosia Burr Goodman and rumour has it she changed her name to Theda Bara ‘cos it was an anagram of ARAB DEATH. Fucking awesome and way better than Yma Sumac’s name/wordplay fun. She was one of the era’s best-paid and well-loved actresses and while she might not have had the mysterious lifestyle or shady background that someone like Clara Bow or Pola Negri, she was definitely the most exotic-looking of the bunch. Check out this rare footage then go watch some of the BBC documentaries.


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