Leatherette beachwear from a 70s style icon

For reasons unbeknown to me, my dad bought me two books about 70s fashion for Christmas.

About fifty years off my era of choice, but there we go, broadening my horizons. I’ll come to the second book at a later date, but the first one is basically a ‘lol the old days were funny’-style tome as you can see from the caption in the picture above (click to enlarge). The predictable problem is that I really like everything in the book, from the clothes and makeup to the bitching cork kitchens and mustard bathroom suites.

The picture above is a catalogue advert for range of leatherette beachwear and without wanting to be too predictable (again), I fucking love it! I particularly love babe at the back with her Kim from How Clean Is Your House/Alexander Wang hair. I’m going to dig out some leather effect spandex from my fabric trunk and have a bash at knocking some of these out for my Vegas trip. Next step; extensions.


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