Superhero weapons from Debra Baxter

Are crystals the new gold Casio? The youth seem to love them. Everyone seems to be swanking around crystal pendants or t-shirts with graphic crystal prints. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? Is it the new diamond icon??

I have no answers, but I am keen to add fuel to the fire with this Crystal Brass Knuckle from the artist Debra Baxter. Wait, brass knuckles are pretty cool too, right? Man alive. I just like this, it seems like something a stylish super hero might wear to punch people in the face. There’s also the additional pro plus that the piece is called, “Crystal Brass Knuckles ( I am going to realign your chakras mother******)”. Wow, what a lot of punctuation in a row, makes me feel uneasy.

Here’s what Debster Baxter (I’m sure she’d be OK with me calling her that) has to say;

“It is sort of a superhero tool/weapon. Most of my work is about engaging the body in some way. Calling the body to do something. My work embraces failure and fragility…though you won’t know that seeing this piece. I have been fascinated with crystals since high school where I did a [talk] [sic] about their potential powers. Explaining how my grandpa who was an electrical engineer made a quarts crystal radio utilizing the “vibrations” of quarts. As much as I am not new agey or woo woo, crystals do have energy and powers. They seem to amplify what is already there. Crystal Brass Knuckles ( I am going to realign your chakras mother******) is dealing [with] [sic] this, the dichotomy of a weapon and healing device in one. And just how completely ridiculous and contradictory that is. They are made to fit a woman’s hand. There is a feminist/grrl power piece to this…and to all my work. Women engaging in their power and sexuality.”

Right on! Now it’s time to raid my dad’s crystal drawers, heat up the glue gun and ~craft~ the night away.

Words, pictures, love via My Love For You Is Like A Stampede of Horses

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