Popcorn Comedy 1st birthday party: video highlights

Last night I went to the Popcorn Comedy 1st birthday party. The lineup included Graham Linehan and Adam Buxton and if you know me but at all you’ll understand that those two are enough to sell any event to me. Count Buckules was excellent, as was Doc Brown and all the video shorts that they previewed. However… Graham, Graham, Graham.

I love this man so much and his set last night just attested to it. His performance consisted of him, a mac book and some beer. He went through You Tube and played his favourite lol videos. Again, if you know me but at all, you’ll know that pretty much sums up my ideal night in so to be enjoying it in an outdoor arena with the accompaniment of Louis Theroux… Ace.

I like to think of myself of as the Internet Oracle, second only to Iso’s boyfriend Moonface, but shit, I was wrong. One of Graham’s favourite videos was the Super Broker Shuffle. An alleged Internet phenomenon that I HAVE NEVER SEEN. I feel ashamed, but it’s OK, now I’m up to speed. You’ll probably think I’m incredibly old fashioned because clearly the entire planet knows about it already, but here it is again for anyone else that might have missed it;

There are no words, I know. Except, perhaps, ‘spoof’?

Alright, that’s all for this Saturday. Happy weekending!


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