Studs and satin from Jennifer Behr

I’ve talked about Jennifer Behr on here before, but I just spotted her latest collection on Bleach Black so I’ve got to be predictable and mention it. There’s not actually so much I love this time around, although there are two stand outs. Of course I’m not planning on dropping two hundred bones on a bit of satin any time soon but this would take about ten minutes to DIY with the aid of my trusty pliers so maybs I’ll make the most of this upcoming quiet weekend and get on the case… I do have a lot of old tights to work with.

The studded bow is cute too, although it would be alittle more tricky on the DIY front. Love this picture of it in action in Teen Vogue. Clearly I like all things studded (wow really? I know I’m pretty discrete about it) but even I am starting to question when the love affair is going to end. Getting a bit silly now, isn’t it? Studded knick knacks next? I wouldn’t be surprised, in fact I’ma get on the case right now.

Of course, you can see all of Jennifer Behr’s collections and make your purchases at her site.


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