Beauty and the Beast: YSL Y Mail Palette

I’ve been waiting for the YSL Y Mail Palette to land on my desk for what feels like for-fucking-ever so it was a bit of a special moment this morning when the jiffy bag of dreams actually arrived. Actually, it arrived last week and my esteemed colleague Charles hid it away in cupboard to prevent the Office Thief having his (uhm, I mean his/her) wicked way with it. Phew, I didn’t mind the delay though, at least it’s in my sweaty mitts now.

This limited edition palette is, obvo, a take on the classic Y Mail series but with the added bonus of shiny makeup inside. There are actually two versions, one featuring a blusher trio and one with a highlighter combo, which is the one I got and the one that’s shown above. You can see the blush swatch here. It’s hard to express how pretty this shimmer block is, especially on a wanky iPhone. Just the right blend of sheen/glow, no glitter/sparkle. The picture I attempted looks like this, which is why I borrowed these snaps from the curiously named Femme Thing site instead. As well as the gold compact, you also get a ridiculous/cute mini version of the Y Mail tote. It’s about the right size for a Barbie, so not entirely sure the point other than looking cute. The highlighter itself is good, gets a nice radiant glow but I think it will be better on tanned summer skin rather than the pasty, pallid, flaky winter shit that I’m currently dealing with. I’ve tried the pearlescent lightest shade as a brow bone highlighter though and it’s tops, maybe a rival to my beloved Phloof.

The YSL Y Mail palettes (and the rest of the SS10 collection) is available at the usual suspect department stores for 35 quid and if that seems a bit steep for a blusher, just remember that you can rinse it out when you’re done and use it as a natty compact mirror. Crafty.


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