Pastel leathers at Uniqlo

I haven’t ventured into Uniqlo for ages, but last week when I was on a jaunt around town I spied something in the windows that pretty much made me stop in my tracks. Right in the middle of Oxford Street, like one of those annoying tourists who sees fit to consult their A-Z right smack bang in the centre of the pavement, preferably outside a tube entrance, hopefully around the 5:30pm mark. That was me! Such is the impact this singlet had on me.
Since the purchase of my emerald green (with gold hardware) (p)leather jacket from New Look at their press day the other week, I’ve been on more of an 80s trip than usual and have been attempting to build up a wardrobe of shiny jackets in gross colours. Bingo. At Uniqlo, I opted for the above, a sea-foam green ‘synthetic’ leather vest. I really, really, really want the putrid lilac one too. It’s so gross, it makes me weak at the knees. Ideally I want to add these little feather keyrings I have, last seen attached to this bumbag (trousers courtesy of Twineth). I feel that the purple fluffy one, multiplied, attached to the zip pull will make all the difference.

Uniqlo Synthetic Leather Biker Vest, £29.99

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