The best Talking Head shirt ever from Rose Black

I have spent years trying to find a decent Talking Heads shirt. It seems like all my favourite bands are hard to track down when it comes to original merch. Beach Boys? KISS? Original Ramones or Maiden stuff? Oy vey. A Talking Heads shirt on eBay I was recently watching went for $600!! I mean, it was pristine but still. If that hasn’t given you any ideas, I should point out that if any of you ever stumble across Talking Heads merch I will gratefully take it off your hands for a handsome sum.

Anyway, tonight being a rainy Thursday we figured there was nothing better to do than watch Stop Making Sense for the 400th time. In turn, this obviously got me back on the shirt hunt. Either Rose Blake wasn’t around last time I checked or I did a shit job Googling previously (let’s face it, probably the first option) but I was overjoyed when I found her nestled away on Flickr today. This shirt is spot on and is definitely a viable alternative to a vintage tour shirt. I was also over the moon to see her ‘Fuck Art, Let’s Dart’ shirt too because, as you know, darts is up there in my list of special favourite things. Look at Wolfie! Hey, did you see Bobby on the dancing for charity show last Saturday? Aw god, he was fucking brill. You can watch it here if you missed it. Kryptonite.

Anyway, definitely gonna buy these. Too cute not to and they will more than tide me over until I finally get my hands on an original.

Buy your own (and check out Rose’s other award-winning illustrations) at her website!

PS first post written on WordPress app, I like it except the picture spacing. [Which I have now edited because I’m anal.]


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