Autumn/Winter 2010: Milan highlights

Quick Milan round-up, thus far.

The Moschino Cheap & Chic show (unusually) didn’t do much for me, sartorially speaking. Except for the above OBVIOUSLY. What I did love was the fact that they held the show in their new hotel and dressed the models as all the different types of ladies they’d like to have staying there. Funny, cute, all the usual adjectives you’d expect from C&C. The final look was a slogan dress stating, ‘Fashion Must Go On!’ Some wag on made a remark about them investing in this hotel just in case it didn’t. Yikes! I’d stay at Maison Moschino anyway, it looks well swish. Oh, and I also liked their new luggage range, Lost and Found, which most of the models were trundling along with.

No. 21 is the new version of Alessandro Dell’Acqua, which vanished after Mr Dell’Acqua lost the rights to his own name. Hate to say it, but I’m secretly glad because whenever I had to type his name I always missed a letter out somewhere along the line. No. 21 is much easier to get to grips with. Anyway, I love the neapolitan ice cream-esque palette so much, particularly those magenta and sky blue pops. Wowee, such a boner for winter and a nice change from all the black I’ve been obsessing over. That peachy suit is perfect, except the gross shoes. I also love (token beauty reference) the hair. This mussed-up, can’t be arsed, sulky teenager thing keeps appearing and I am obsessed with it, even though we all know it takes for-fucking-ever to achieve and a wave tong and all the rest.

D&G is always brilliant for the lols, and I mean that in the best possible way. Who wouldn’t want to wear this knitted onesie? Did you know those goggles have sequins on? The boots, I’ll grant you, are questionable but worn with the whole kaboodle it’s a pretty perfect apres-ski look, if one were to partake in such a thing. I also have to mention the Little Lord Fauntleroy does Karl Lagerfeld suit which is… bananas? Didn’t quite get the point of all the floaty white frocks with furry boots towards the end, but why quibble when they looks so nice, hm?

You’ll have heard all the hoo-hah about Prada using Victoria’s Secret models as well as their usual girls. Gals with boobs and butts for a collection about boobs and butts. I don’t want to rehash what others have put so eloquently so read what Jess Cartner-Morley has to say instead then come back here to see me say; I like the eyebrow glasses, I like the buttery soft looking coats so much I want to stab myself in the eye and the whole Mad Men thing? Well obviously I see it, but if Ms Prada says she’s never watched it, I believe her. People, we’re dealing with the biggest brain in fashion, I’m pretty sure she has the ability to figure out a fit and flare silhouette on her own time.


2 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter 2010: Milan highlights

  1. OMG sunglasses that give you eyebrows. I need these, have a fear of my eyebrows showing in sunnies, think it’s gross.

    Also, no21 palette v much like Dries Van Noten, aka i like.

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