Autumn/Winter 2010: Moschino

HAH, of course I loved Moschino, you fools. Of course! The black, the gold, the resurrection of the best belt I own. I even like the cowboy hats? Wait, do I? Yeah, I do. I know it’s a bit Destry Rides Again does Dallas with a side of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas but who would call any of those things bad? Noone, that’s who. So combined? Gotta be good. Actually, I was kind of grossed outby the last few looks but I loved the first half. The earring handbags! What wit! The fringed gold jacket! Lovely, ostentatious, perfect.

2 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter 2010: Moschino

  1. The sickest look of the season… what’s not to love?! Believe quicksilver millinery super talent, J Smith Esq. is responsible for the head wear for the Moschino show. Justin rocks. So does gold fringing!


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