All about Flipper, the band

So I finally [FINALLY] got my mitts on the Topshop Unique shark jumper after wanting it for months. I think the main reason I’ve wanted it so long is that it really reminds me of the Flipper logo. I’ve been totally into Flipper ever since Wendy T (about two of you will know who that is) suggested them to me and it’s been an enduring love affair. I guess the only similarity is really the use of a sea-dwelling creature and X-ed eyes, but whatever, every time I’ve seen anything from this Unique collection it’s made me go ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho he he he he he he he he to myself. On a Flipper bent…

Here’s Kurt in his famous home-made Flipper shirt…

And here’s the Old Lady That Swallowed The Fly//Get Away artwork featuring, excitingly, a sword fish. Is it a swordfish? Narwhal? I wish this was on a shirt. Maybe I should be like Kurt and make my own!

Oh, and here’s some Flipper for you to enjoy, just in case you thought Flipper was 70s TV show about dolphins. Pump it up! The sun is shining, perfect Flippery weather.


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