Giles and the gonk

OK so they’re obviously totally ludicrous, but nice to see Giles bringing a bit of good old-fashioned gonk love to PFW. Who knew University Challenge was so inspirational? Uhm, everyone, duh. When I was just trying to find a link explaining gonks to the uninitiated I was reminded about Neil from The Young Ones and his gonks… might as well just copy the quote in full because it’s so brill:

I sat in the big hall and put my packet of Polos on the desk. And my spare pencil and my support gonk. And my chewing gum and my extra pen. And my extra Polos and my lucky gonk. And my pencil sharpener shaped like a cream cracker. And three more gonks with a packet of Polos each. And lead for my retractable pencil. And my retractable pencil. And spare lead for my retractable pencil. And chewing gum and pencils and pens and more gonks, and the guy said “Stop writing, please.”

Wish I could find the clip on YouTube! Anyway, while Giles is obviously gonked up, I actually saw something else in that gonk’s eyes… I saw Treacle People. Don’t want to make this a retro lol! post, but I was a big fan of the Treacle People, so much so that my mum made me one. Wonder where he is? It’s all in the eyes, isn’t it?

On the subject of gonks, here’s an interesting piece about what the word came to mean in 60s London. I’m gonna try and bring gonk back. If all this gonk talk (GONK GONK GONK) has been of any interest, check out this 1965 film, Gonks Go Beat. Just look at it, it’s the (and I quote) ‘craziest musical adventure on planet Earth’. How can you not want to watch it now? Here’s a clip to ease you in. Crazy, love how he hits that chick with his drumstick. Nutter. Not gonna lie though, it’s a good film!

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