Revisiting my first ever favourite bag

I’m so excited that my colleagues on Women’s Fitness are calling these bags in from ASOS for our next shoot together! I heard a while ago that Head had rereleased these retro bad boys but I don’t have much use for them in our magazines… The lovely WF girls sit just a chair’s trundle away so I will most definitely be sneaking a peek at these when they arrive.

I can’t imagine the Head 1989 will be any different from the originals, but we shall see. Pretty sure they weren’t called the St Tropez and the Monte Carlo in the old days either! Without wanting to attract too many weirdos, these bags just remind me of being in junior school when the girls got to get changed for PE in the cloakrooms rather than in the classroom with the boys because we had reached an age when it wasn’t OK to run around in your pants and vest together.

I had the lilac bag and it was my pride and joy, even though I only had a lunchbox to take to school and probably a reading book or something. Happy times! I’m pretty sure I got it from a jumble sale too, can’t imagine my mamma paying out for an overpriced holdall when I had so little use for it. My favourite ASOS model wears it so well, maybe I should buy one??

On a related tip, check out the colour of my nails today. This new colour from Models Own is called Beth’s Blue but it’s actually the colour of that lilac Head bag.

4 thoughts on “Revisiting my first ever favourite bag

  1. I am going to have to get the purple one. It looks like such a good bag for hand luggage – cos let’s face it… I DON’T need a gym bag.

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