5preview makes amazing t-shirts

Is it embarrassing to admit that I had an actual laugh out loud at this 5preview shirt? My only concern with it is that people might think I’m one of those people that likes cats. I mean, I like cats, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like cats in the way that I have a Twitter for my pet or cook it special dinners. ETA: Thanks to resident yoof in revolt expert Emily for pointing out they might in fact mean Meow Meow, aka mephedrone, aka the hipster drug de choix. As a clean-living type, this hadn’t even crossed my mind. I know miau is French for the cat noise… but is mephadrone a big deal over the channel? And would they call it miau miau if it was? I have no idea. I’m trying to bring back glue-sniffing anyway, it’s underrated.

ETA 2: Emeli from 5preview got in touch to see Miau Miau is the sound of a Swedish cat. Hurray! And the Y5L T-shirt does indeed feature the TV Tower, which means I must have drank less in Berlin than I thought, because I can recognise it at twenty paces.

The whole range of t-shirts is pretty neato and cleverly done. I like the Y5L a whole heap, although I don’t get if that’s supposed to be the TV tower or something fashion related? I’m pretty sure they’re not from Berlin, so if anyone has any bright ideas than spill. Anyway, the other thing I really enjoy is the fiftyfive pendant. Lol indeed and pretty stylish too…


4 thoughts on “5preview makes amazing t-shirts

  1. Emeli from 5preview here….About the Miau Miau T-shirt: It’s the sound the swedish cats do…Nothing about drugs….And the Y5L T-shirt contains the Eiffel Tower and the Television Tower. We did a BERLIN T-shirt long time ago so it kind of refers to that one…

    Thanks for compliments btw!

    1. Hurray! I knew it would be something nice… And I’m glad that I can recognise the TV tower too. Thanks for getting in touch and clarifying, I love the range!

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