Reducing my mind to endless nights

Dear Natalie has presented me with some kind of magical internet prize, the Happy 101 Award. I’m not quite sure what this means, but she has told me to tell you 10 of my current favourite things, which I’m more than capable of managing. Here you go!

1. Champagne bottle earrings from GirlProps. Bi-monthly order, done.

2. Jill The Reckless (Everyman edition). Currently reading, catching up on 25 years of wasted time.

3. Tie-dye dress from Whistles. Coral or blue, coral or blue?

4. Jade & Clare’s new blog, I’m Washing My Hair

5. Spotting Rob Halford front row at Louis Vuitton. Maybe. That and watching LV live and enjoying the circle skirts.

6. My new record. Not just a lol! funny cover! but an actual good album that transports me back to Munich and happy, beer-drinking times. Prost indeed.

7. The cheese and meat platters at Deptford Deli. And these IKEA plates, which I want.

8. Glittery orange lip gloss from YSL.

9. This Models Own nail polish which I mentioned yesterday but which deserves a special mention for being amazing.

10. This Merci Maman necklace except CLEARLY without the gross mummy-centric messages, with gold disks and pink string. Those options are available, FYI.

8 thoughts on “Reducing my mind to endless nights

  1. I’m pretty sure my Nan has those exact plates, except they’re about 50 years old, and there are only two of them left due to various smashing incidents over the years.

  2. I have plates a bit like those – I think they’re hand me downs from Lachlann’s grandmother but I’ve adopted them since he doesn’t know how to use nice plates (he proposed lending them to a friend for Christmas dinner and when we had people over for dinner he served up on our ‘everyday’ plates – mortified).

    1. I’m glad everyone likes the plates. I assumed they would be vintage because all the crockery in that place is, but when I did the post-food flip, lo and behold they were IKEA. I told Andy I wanted them and he said ‘we already have plates’. Ho hum.

  3. I hope that is Rob Halford!

    Also, blue for the dress I reckon.

    ALSO is that the £6 cheese and meat affair you were telling me about? Looks good, will get myself down there.

    1. I’m sure it’s some fashionable type but the more of the video you watch, the more it looks like him!

      That is the cheese and meat platter! £6 each though, but you can choose nice cheeses and how much you want etcccc so it’s not too bad and the food is brilliant anyway so not complaining!

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