Loads and loads of pictures of hair from the 1960s

I discovered an insane hair resource this morning. One of those things where you fanny around here and there then end up on a website half an hour later with no idea how you got there. Basically, some dude has compiled millions of hair pictures from the 60s. There’s also a sunglasses section, a shoes section, a mini-skirt section, a hot pants section (uhm) and a flares section, but they can all wait for another day. It is SO good. A compendium of amazing hair, all of it big and bad ass. Each page goes on so long and just keeps getting better. Who is this man and why has he done this? I have no idea but I think he’s the shit and I thank him for it profusely. This is just a tiny, tiny, tiny selection of pictures I like. There will be more. Oh yes, there will be more. I guess some of it is a tiny bit NSFW, but only if nice 60s boob shots offend you (what’s wrong with you?).

Pics are obviously of Catherine Deneuve and Elke Sommer, then some unidentified girls from Amsterdam who I love… kind of the same as the header on Mel’s blog?? Can someone shed some light?


2 thoughts on “Loads and loads of pictures of hair from the 1960s

  1. Ahhh i love that website! I found it ages ago when i googled Jean Shrimpton to get a photo to take to the hairdressers. I love the boots section the most although it does make me feel sick with jealousy

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