The pearly dewdrop’s drops

The Earring Boutique launched their Bridal collection the other week and I went along with work to see what they’d been up to. Hair, makeup, earrings. That’s how it goes! The Earring Boutique (and new addition, The Ring Boutique, dun dun dun) is a good middle ground between top end high street jewellery and designer costume stuff; reasonable price, great craftsmanship and oh, oh so sparkly. New collections drop seasonally so pieces are influenced by runway trends as well as what’s going on in jewellery. Regular readers will know that I’m not big into weddings but I am big into ostentatious jewels and luckily for me, so are the Earring Boutique. The official bridal range that I saw isn’t up on the site yet but the bulk of it is pretty ambiguous in terms of wedding-wear. There were a few pairs that were definite wedding material and nothing else, but for the most part it’s just big sparkly earrings that you could wear anywhere, any time, and I mean that as a selling point, in case you hadn’t guessed. If you aren’t into the spangles there’s also tasteful stuff, nice pearls and bows and the like. These are my current favourites. They are SO nuts IRL. I love ’em.
Anyway, I spent my very generous voucher from the launch last week and now I’m the happy owner of some really neato new earrings. Thanks! I’ve known about Earring Boutique for ages so the bits I went for are actually last season pieces that I never stopped wanting… They now appear to have vanished off the site too so perhaps I got the last ones?? Sorry. Still, there’s loads of nice stuff on there so if you are in the market for some gems that are a cut above Accessorize but not going to bankrupt you then you should have a looksie. I guess this sounds a bit like a sponsored post but it isn’t, I just like the earrings and wanted to show ’em off because it is quite hard to find something on-trend, spangly and well-crafted. I do honestly like every fucking pair on the site and the summer/bridal stuff that I saw is dead nice too so keep yo eyes peeled for them landing, especially the big triangular Aztec ones I have my eye on for summer. My choices then…

Ruby red art deco-ish drops… man, I’m sorry about the photos. These have black stones up the chains; spangletastic.

Futuristically chunky drops with big heavy chains. Love how these are some kind of bastardised antique chandelier, good combination of angular gemstones and those ~urban~ chains.

Ruby red/pink mohican-inspired earrings. These are clip-ons! Didn’t realise that when I bought them… duh. They are much comfier than I remember clips being, no stretched out lobe or agony… or falling off. Again, love the gem-encrusted chains. Really nice gothic/urban (steam punk lol) twist on an antique style.

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