Prêt-à-Portea fashion teabags

You can already have Prêt-àPortea at the Berkeley, but if West London is too much of a schlep (it is) then why not try… uhm, Prêt-àPortea? It’s different, even if the name is the same. This version is way more fun too. Little teabags with fashion people’s bodies on!! omg!! Karl, Donatella, Naomi, Jean Paul and Naomi I can get behind. Claudia, not so much. I mean, of course she’s a goddess. I love her deeply. But she’s not a fashion icon in the same sense as the others to me. I’d rather have Rykiel or even the Mossatron. Still, can’t complain too much because they’re awesome and the company responsible, Donkey, are German so maybe they just wanted to show a fellow fraulein some love.

You can pick up the set of 5 for just 7,95€ at Donkey. Check out the rest of the bits on the site too, they have some right old treats! Wunderbar indeed.


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