V&S giftshop highlights

The V&A Quilts: 1700 – 2010 exhibition hasn’t opened yet (be still my beating heart, only two more days) but the gift shop is already full of interesting bits and pieces, including loads of great quilting fabric. Wait what? Great quilting fabric? I dunno man, all the money I spend lately is on soft furnishings. The V&A shop has paired up with  Liberty Art Fabrics to create a really beautiful limited edition collection of 18 printed cottons featuring designs from quilts in the V&A’s collections. Think I might buy one of the bumper packs instead of wasting all my money on pre-made things on eBay. Anyone know the V&A PR? I’d be so well behaved at the launch, I wouldn’t touch anything, I promise.

Anyway, while browsing the quilt shop I also had a look at the new arrivals and was pleased to see the V&A offering its usual high standard of amaze. Look at this Raffaello Bettini hat!! It has funny little trompe l’oeil sunglasses! Not too keen on the spangles but I bet I could remove them somehow…

Also love the classic jewellery from French design house Cilea, who you may well recognise from their collaborations with Lanvin. Quick Internet summary: Monique Vedié, born in Paris in 1924, was the creator of costume jewellery for the House of Vedié, known for their flamboyant designs in richly coloured cellulose acetate. Before retiring in 1992, she worked with many prestigious Parisian fashion houses and collaborated with couturiers. The signature style established by Vedié is continued by present designer Stéphane Ravel and is marketed under the name of Ciléa. Early pieces are unsigned, current designs from 2009 are signed ‘Ciléa Paris’. All brooches are handmade in Paris. Ta-da! They’re like the kind of thing you dream of stumbling across in a vintage shop! Love the little couple, so cute.

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