New favourite eBay store klaxon

A kindly reader (yo Marina!) sent me a link to an eBay store she thought I might like. I do! I’m as easy to read as a Martina Cole, I know. I know some people view sharing eBay sellers as akin to revealing your secret pub that’s always quiet, even on a Friday night, but still has a really good vibe and a wide selection of amazing ales (I’LL NEVER TELL) but…. where was I?… here goes. Thriftwares. Cheap, cheerful and good photography; the holy grail of eBay.

PS Pretty sure I dreamt about that leopard jumper once, it’s like Chloe Sev x OC but affordable.

2 thoughts on “New favourite eBay store klaxon

    1. Another one, that no-one knows of… except one person who I mistakenly took there. But the Y hmm hmm G hmm is definitely up there too!

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