Normal service: resumed

Apologies for the lack of posting, I was on a work jolly to Ragdale Hall this weekend and took some time off either side because, well, what’s the point of doing sweet FA at a spa if you’re going to throw yourself back into the world of work straight away? Nada, that’s what. On a momentary work front, I cannot rave about Ragdale enough so if you’re looking for a spa within reach of London or just an all-round amazing spa TBH then you really can’t do better. Highlights included the staff who are just above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in this country, brilliant facilities and uhm, food. I know food isn’t top of the list for most people on spa but not everyone goes there for detox and health purposes… some people, like me, are pigs. I had a fantastic bloody steak for dinner and their local platter of pork pie and stilton was one of the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

While you’re in Melton Mowbray, I also suggest a trip to the Anne of Cleves which is an ancient building, given to (guess who?) Anne of Cleves by Henry VIII as part of their divorce settlement. They have a great range of ales (no really, this is what excites me these days) and we spent a happy (few) hour(s) there before our train. Perfect end to a healthy spa break… right?

Pic comes via tod.ragsdale on Flickr

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