Very Sanderson at the Fashion and Textiles Museum

Another week, another great exhibition… Aren’t we lucky to live in London? This week the Very Sanderson exhibition opened at the Fashion and Textiles Museum and I’m really excited to get down and see it ASAP. Along with the quilts, it’s probably a bit geeky if you’re not into textiles but I enjoy any opportunity to get down to the FTM and there are loads of good pubs round there too which always makes a trip worthwhile.

Sanderson is one of the oldest English design houses still going and its their 150th anniversary which is being celebrated at this exhibition. They’re the people responsible for some of the most iconic prints you’ll have seen — all those classic kitschy 50s Festival prints that you study in art school and drool over, triangles and circles and Miro-esque squiggles… lovely lovely. They were also the first people to create a range of mass produced coordinated wallpapers and curtains and created all sorts of revolutionary technical techniques to get excited about.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the FTM have done with the collections as their exhibits are always so brilliantly curated. You can read more about the exhibition here and more about Sanderson here. Up there are some of my favourite wallpapers, showing designs from the 1800s up the 50s. Isn’t it weird/fantastic how any one of those would work just as well I’ve today?


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