You got the money, I got the soul

I was just wondering what my favourite Etsy seller Aquanetta was up to… this apparently. Call me crazy, but I have a lot of time for these. Maybe this is the way for me to handle dabbling my toe back into the world of trousers? It’s basically a skirt, nobody but you know would know… The kind of Van Gogh print is all kinds of amazing. I dunno man, I’m behind it. These, white t-shirt, these Swedish Hasbeens. Sure, I’d be utterly repellent to the opposite sex but that’s sort of the look I go for anyway.

By the way, if you want your hand to look identical to my hand, today, right now, Aquanetta is selling the same bunch of rings that I’m wearing this second. I bought them last year and they still get more compliments than any other jewels I own.


One thought on “You got the money, I got the soul

  1. these would look pretty kickass with a vintage metallica t-shirt tucked into ’em. or am i crazy?

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