Pastel yellow lipstick. That’s a thing.

I was making a ~moodboard~ earlier (don’t ask, don’t tell) and came across this image from my old site. It’s from a vintage issue of Vogue, presumably 80s, but I can’t find any further notes.

Anyway, it still makes me want lemon lips, although I doubt very much if that’s a buyable colour. Would be easy enough to knock together with other products but I don’t know how you’d get it so lovely and matte.

This afternoon I was sent some of the new Barry M shades at work which just so happen to tick all the boxes for this season’s ice cream tones. The Lemon Ice Cream one is obviously my favourite. Will do an IRL shot tomorrow as I’ve just done my nails with the new Revlon mint shade and am also wearing head to toe orange…  Barry M also has a lovely pastel purple and blue out for spring which I’ll be trying over the weekend. Wonder if you could use it on your lips?? I jest, of course, don’t try that.?

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