Yayoi Kusama x Juicy Tubes

Did you know Lancôme sell twenty Juicy Tubes a minute? And that this year Juicy Tubes are ten years old? If you do the maths (and boy did I), that makes something like 105,198,600 Juicy Tubes floating around the globe! And that’s just the ones that have been bought! And it doesn’t account for days when someone goes mental in the aisles of Debenhams and buys fifty in a minute, just for a laugh. To celebrate their big 1-o, Lancôme are introducing a limited edition range, designed by Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama who you may know best as the woman who likes spots.

Excitingly, as well as a snazzy new look the new Juicy Tubes have an all new 100% natural formula, meaning they now have shea butter and honey to hydrate and all the colours and fragrance comes from natural components. Still, you probably don’t care about that. What matters is a) nice shades b) nice packaging and c) they’re still the usual price of a tenner. Available from 1st April exclusively at Debenhams. How comes Debenhams are getting all the best beauty launches these days? Nice work guys!


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