Lime Crime lipstick lands in the UK

I’m really glad so many of you like The Tribe as much as I do. If you’re looking for something to do over the long weekend you could do worse than head over to the Tribeworld store and buy all the DVDs and sit there in your Tribe t-shirt and just cry at how great life was in the 90s.

Kind of timely then that Lime Crime Makeup is coming to England. Blue lips ahoy, wahoo! Get yourself down to Camden Locks for some Cyberdog and we’re gonna be all set for my big Tribe party. Thanks to Jade and Clare for blogging about this, the news seems to have totally passed me by. It’s OK, it’s not like I write about makeup for a living and have often discussed how shit it is that their blue lipstick isn’t more readily available. Whatevs.

It’ll be on sale exclusively through Space.NK (uuhmmm I know, my thoughts too) from April, priced at £14. That’s right, £14. You know how it costs $16? Yeah well it’s £14 here so enjoy that. Grumbling aside, this is genuinely happy news so makeup fans, make a note of that.

4 thoughts on “Lime Crime lipstick lands in the UK

    1. OMG Kris no! So interesting, just spent about 2hrs reading all the drama. Who knew? Shame she got into a fight with Shrinkle who I love. To be honest I’ve never really kept up with the brand outside of looking at the nice pics. I thought it looked ace when I stumbled across it way back when but never researched further. Thanks for the link, fascinating stuff! I shall hold judgement until I try it for myself anyway…

  1. I know, I got super sucked in to reading about it! Report back on what it’s like, I’m totally down with it in theory. The colours look sweet. x

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