Tasteful macs from CHCM

After all that talk of practical clothing this morning, you’ll never guess what I’ve gone and got excited about. A men’s coat! From a sensible men’s shop! Unfortunately it’s $600 (SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS?) but still, there you have it, a nice, practical coat that would be ideal for trekking up a mountain. I’d never heard of C’H’C’M’ before today, but if you’re into nice men’s gear (yo Iso), maybe you’ll dig it. This Gloverall coat is actually a pac-a-mac which makes it ten better in my opinion but you have to wonder who has the cashflow to spend six hundred bucks on a kag in a bag, especially when the amazing Burberry one is a third of the price. Me in a dream world, evidently.

Spotted on the UO blog!


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