Karla Spetic colours

When I heard the new Karla Spetic collection described as ‘Balenciaga meets Burberry’, I was obviously pretty excited. Hmm, kind of disappointing. I love the colours on this cardigan and in fact the whole palette of pastel with punches of oranges is really appealing, but the cardi is the only garment that jumps out at me. Still, it’s a personal preference thing and I know others will jump at the clever twisting and drapery.

Hasn’t this blog gone Australisia bananas lately? Loads of commentators seem to be from that neck of the woods and lots of my new favourite brands are too. Oh, and The Tribe obsession of course. Maybe one of these days I’ll head down under? While we’re on the subject, do any of my Oz pals know what cocktail I could concoct with a bottle of Bundaberg? I got it at an Alpha-H launch on Australia day and delicious as it may be, I know it will be more delicious with a hint of booze.

One more Oz question. Is it OK to like Radio Birdman or just really embarrassing? I mean, this song is one of my favourites and I’d hate to be considered a dag for it. Sorry for saying dag.


One thought on “Karla Spetic colours

  1. Radio Birdman are too cool for school. Like away.

    Also the Karla Spetic stuff is nicer in person – the knits are chunky delicious. The Balenciaga/ Burberry description is silly though.

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