Style icons: California Dreams

Last weekend me and Mr Fur Coat went round to Laura and Robin‘s to do a bit of home karaoke. Unfortunately we soon realised that the CD that came with her sister’s machine was full of songs that we are all too old to know so after a bit of technical wizardy, Laura hooked up the machine to YouTube. Best. Idea. Ever. Seeing Laura and Robin serenade each other with the Home and Away theme tune will stay with me forever. Maybe you guys should have it as your first dance?

We also cranked out some old TV titles  in a bid to make Laura’s 13 year old sister see what she’d been missing out on by being born in 1996 (I know, blows my mind too). California Dreams was my pick and the minute the video kicked in me and Laura were both kind of struck by how amazing all the clothes were.


I don’t want to be too entirely predictable, but honestly… I would wear everything in this video. Let’s go frame by frame – no, really, let’s! Alas the quality is pretty poor when you do a screen grab, but when you watch the vid it’s fine.

Tiffani’s floral/tropical baby doll. Way to pair your bass with you dress, hot stuff.

Jenny’s 90s cut gingham bikini and high waisted denim shorts… inspiration for Vegas, point taken.

Boss John Lennon-esque round glasses. I used to have these as a teenager, is it time to bring them back?

Double denim: sleeveless shirt and rolled up boy shorts. I love this!

Side note: who are these jokers?

Neon pink is always a winner.

Another neat floral baby doll.

I also found this awful quality tiny picture. I don’t want to get you too excited, but it looks to me like Tiffani is wearing a floor length floral skirt, big trainers and a denim vest. Uhmmm. In the main pic at the top I’d also like to give special credit to the white socks and biker boots look, something I personally am READY for.

Didn’t that music just transport you to a better place? I’m now going to watch all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy every minute. ENJOY this reunion clip!

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