Obsessed with ASOS and black lace

On a scale of one to ten, how inappropriate would it be to wear this to a wedding? In my long and arduous search for a dress for my friends’ upcoming nuptials, this is the only thing I’ve found that I like. Might have to get it anyway, just in case I ever need to go to a funeral in Texas for my sugar daddy or something.

Vila Oversized Lace Dress, £40, ASOS

2 thoughts on “Obsessed with ASOS and black lace

  1. Oh goodness! I love it! But not for a wedding. I’ve always thought black was an inappropriate colour for a wedding, but I think it’s a bit too see-thru too. Shame, because it’s bloody gorgeous.

    Does it come in white? Wierdly I think it would make a good beachy wedding dress.

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