Sensible shoes from Radley

In her infinite wisdom (hereafter to be referred to as ‘twisdom’), Twin put me on to Radley today for some surprisingly awesome shoes. I know what you’re thinking, because I think it too; Radley? The leather people with the little dogs? Hmmmmm, not so much. I have never bought anything from Radley in my life or even really looked at their collections, but these shoes are really appealing to me for summer. I’ve talked on here before about my love for ugly, semi-orthopaedic shoes and I think these sort of fit into that category, what with their sensible chunky heels and sturdy buckles. The pastel tones, particularly on those ortho-wedgy-heels, are the shit and would work really nicely with basically my entire summer wardrobe. I’m currently disabled with a gammy knee and have been pretty much living in sensible flats, but these look like I could wear ’em all day and not have to wince in pain once. They come in loads more colourways too, so check the Radley site if you’re as practically-minded as me. Oh, and the prices are sensible too — it blows my mind that if you had £65 to spend at Radley you could buy a pair of those bad boys or this.

PS The ugly, clompy, orthopaedic shoe is the only concession to this ridiculous notion of small heels that I’m going to get behind. Kitten heels are gross, whatever Giles says. Flat/clompy ugly wedge/vertiginous are the only three heel heights I’m down with.

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