Channel Gaga with flip-out sunglasses

Yow, check out these sunglasses from Rokit (above). They’re calling them ’60s Minnie Mouse Flip-Up Sunglasses’ but I think what you and I would probably call them is ‘Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse sunglasses‘ (below). Right? I don’t dig designer copies but flip-up sunglasses have been around since the dawn of time so it’s not like he invented them, even if he did have the idea to shift the top layers around to the side a little bit so they looked like ears. I guess there’s also the added benefit with his that you can shut out the world with the flaps down; traditionally these things work as glasses that can niftily be converted in sunnies with just the flick of your wrist. There are some really nice vintage ones on eBay, if you prefer a tortoiseshell and gold finish to your frames. Speaking of which, I bet all the people bidding on these Gaga glasses are gonna kick themselves when they see that the specs they’re bidding on could be picked up for £18 at Rokit.

5 thoughts on “Channel Gaga with flip-out sunglasses

  1. I tried on the jeremy scott ones in Liberty and I love them but it annoys me that when you flip them down they’re completely opaque… the only use I can see for that is trying to sleep on an airplane… might get the rokit ones now!

    1. Gaga doesn’t need vision, clearly. She is a super adapted species. I wanna check the Rokit ones out and see how big they look on my big old face.

  2. i have those ebay ones, they aren’t vintage and they are really badly made, the flip up lenses don’t line up with the frames. HOWEVER, i still love them and feel super steampunk in them

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