My lucky charms

Here are me lucky charms. It’s almost pathetic how much I rely on them. The other day I picked the necklace up and they all fell off and I seriously thought the world might end. It didn’t, but a volcano happened. COINCIDENCE? I think the hell not. The big silver wishbone charm came from… some designer. The icon came from a priest in Venice who tried to chat me up. The rest actually came as one on a pendant from Urban Outfitters about…. actually, no idea, years ago. I was on holiday with my family in the US, so it must be pretty old. Thanks lucky necklace for all your lucky powers. Shame it’s the only silver jewellery I own, makes coordinating outfits around it pretty tricky.

Never realised how lolarific the Lucky Charms advert was — that Oirish accent makes me think of Soupy Norman. Is Soupy Norman funny or did I just watch it when I was really preposterously hungover at Oktoberfest? Well the latter is definitely true but I think the first is too, just spent lunchtime watching it and snorting to myself.


One thought on “My lucky charms

  1. I first watched Soupy Norman when ridiculously hungover too! Rimini ’09, after plenty gin.

    It was the only thing that saved me from hangover hell.

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