Buy your own Bootsy Collins sunglasses

I am SO glad this model of sunglasses is called ‘the Bootsy’ because otherwise… well, that would just be embarrassing. The minute I saw them my initial reaction was obviously one of…

… so it’s good to see the big man getting the respect he deserves. I remember last summer Topshop bought out some star shaped specs and they didn’t have the same good grace to credit the man who basically invented the genre. Shame on them. Not only are these sunnies star shaped, they’re also resplendent in Swarovski crystals and studs. Ostentatious and dedicated to the grandmaster of funk? What more could you want from sunglasses? $275, a-morir by kerin.rose, amazing.

Funk your way through the afternoon on my behalf. It’s sunny, you owe it yourself.

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