Mariachi Femenil Nuevo Tecalitlan at the Barbican

[Lovely picture c/o .PaMdora on Flickr]

Tonight me and Iso and associated menfolk are going to Viva El Mariachi! at the Barbican and I am above and beyond excited. When Mr Fur Coat purchased the tickets I wasn’t altogether aware that Mariachi  El Bronx were the head honchos, as it were. I’m pretty keen on them but what was the real selling point for me was the promise of Mariachi Femenil Nuevo Tecalitlan, the AWESOME female Mariachi band. I don’t know how well my obsession with all things Mexican is documented on here, but it’s getting to the point now where our house is starting to resemble a Mexican restaurant. In Disneyland. Thematic is not the word.

Mariachi is definitely a male dominated genre which is partially down to the fact that the majority of traditional songs are about wooing a lady or at least ‘touching the heart of a woman’ [ — thanks Wikipedia for that eloquent soundbite]. Still, times are a-changin’ and why should the boys have all the trumpeting fun? Here’s a clip of the ladies in action, hopefully I will be able to provide more information on them after tonight. There seems to a be a lack of anything about them online at present…

While we’re on a musical note, I have a small gift for you dear readers in the form of FREE MUSIC. The lovely and indeed generous folks at nokiamusic have sent me a stash of codes, each worth ten free downloads. Ooh, aah! All you need to do is email me and I’ll whack one across to you, first come first served. Then all you need to do is tippity tap it into the Nokia Music Store and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt; ten free tunes of your choice to listen to and treasure for ever and ever.

This generous offer comes from the very kind Kim at Nokia, who was also good enough to send me one of the snazzy new Nokia Comes With Music X6 phones. Takes me back; the first phone I had was this chunky bad boy which I painted with glitter nail varnish — phone covers weren’t what they are now in those days… It’s safe to say this one’s a darn site smaller and thinner and, alas, doesn’t come with an aerial. On the plus side it does have a touch screen which my fat fingers are more than adept at and all the technological wizardry you could ever desire. Trust me, there’s a lot of wizardry I desire. Anyway, the best thing about the new Comes With Music model is the music. I guess that’s an obvious statement to make but seriously! A phone with free music? It’s like it was designed for a ride on the 8:36 Southern service from New Cross Gate to London Bridge.

If you’re interested in something for nothing drop me an email and the gift of music will be bestowed upon you. The snag: you have to be on a PC using Windows. Hey, use it at work, I’m not going to stop you and that’s a pretty small snag if you ask me. Thanks lovely Kim and thanks Nokia, you have taken me back to a golden time in my youth when my only concern was downloading pictures to replace the O2 logo on my 6110…


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