Picado cut-outs and Mariachi Femenil Nuevo Tecalitlan

Last night’s Mariachi Femenil Nuevo Tecalitlan event at the Barbican left me suitably full of the joys of Mexico. The women themselves were absolutely phenomenal and Mariachi El Bronx were pretty decent too, if only for the look of sheer joy/confusion on lead singer Matt Caughthran’s face throughout. Emmy the Great was there for some reason too and although I don’t hold anything against her, she was completely surplus to requirements. In the wise words of Iso, her whimsical little girl act might work at her own shows, but up against the power house of woman that was Mariachi Femenil, she just looked out of her depth. Anyway, let’s not dwell on that because I don’t want to make the poor girl feel worse than she probably already does.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Susie’s pics on Style Bubble of Pamela Love‘s studio space. Predictably, the thing that caught my eye first was the papel picado necklaces. Mr Fur Coat and I picked up some magical papel picado cut-outs at the British Museum’s Day of the Dead festival last year but they’re tricksy little things and I live in fear of them tearing. Need to get some of the plastic ones as seen at the top in real life Mexico. These sheet metal pendants that Pamela’s concocted also look pretty practical. Susie’s caption says they’re from Pamela’s AW 10/11 collection so hopefully I won’t have to wait too long to purchase one… Pic c/o Ms Bubble, of course.

Here’s the one picture I managed at last night’s show. Shit, I’ll grant you, but at least you can see the MARIACHI MAXI SKIRT. Listen, I don’t know if any of you guys still need convincing but if a bad-ass big mama mariachi is behind it, I’m behind it. One of the highlights of my evening was catching up with Iso afterwards and discovering we’d both been obsessing over a) Mariachi Maxi and b) Mariachi El Bronx’s ill-fitting trousers. Dedicated followers of fashion, that’s us, right?


2 thoughts on “Picado cut-outs and Mariachi Femenil Nuevo Tecalitlan

  1. Ha, I was going to send you those necklaces. Amazing, non?

    Yes I did spend the whole of Mariachi El Bronx’s set mentally tailoring their trousers. Mariachi pants should be TIGHT!

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