Maguba clogs in glitter and gold

Three people have emailed me about Maguba clogs in as many days, which is a little confusing. I thought everyone on the planet was familiar with them? They’ve been everywhere online over the past couple of weeks, but then maybe not everyone spends quite as much time online as me. Still, if people aren’t aware of the wonder of Maguba then I am happy to be the one to do the introductions. Maguba make stylish clogs, as well as offering you the choice to customise your own. I know that not everyone wants to get on board the clog train but don’t worry, Maguba offer sandals too. The best part of it all is that these bad boys are crafted right here in sunny London town so you can support a fantastic local label and stomp around in style. I suggest you just spend some time pootling around the website and investigating their wares for yourself, but for now, here’s my clogs. I’ve not bought them yet, but who could say no to a golden and baby pink shoe?

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