New Look AW10 press day

Along with the rest of the Internet, I went to the New Look press day this morning. Luckily for me, your friend and mine Isabelle was on hand to shepherd me around the swanky studios and she even took the time to dress in a matching outfit. I think evidence in the form of a gross photo will emerge soon but seriously, more shops should take the time to get their representatives to dress as their favourite bloggers, it’s a nice touch.

Obviously New Look’s shoe game is the best on the high street so that’s where I kicked off my browsing. Seriously good for winter… want it all now…

These look like the perfect office shoe for autumn — lovely heel height and my absolute favourite colour for wintery shoes. It goes so well with everything and now I’m in possession of a suede brush (thanks mum, how did I make it to 25 without one?) they can stay looking perfect all season. There’s no price for these in the lookbook but this being New Look I’d hazard no more than £40.

Obviously shearling is big news for this winter and New Look have a huge array of woolly shoes that make me want it to be winter already. If we’re not going to have a proper summer with a minimum base temperature of 25c every day then I’m not interested. These are brilliant apart from the heel which is a little on the spindly side for grandma arthritis over here.

A shearling clog, of course! There’s no escaping clogs and I don’t really get the hate for them. How can you not want to slip this on and feel the toasty warmth enclosing your toes? Mmmhmm lovely. Nice heel on these too, much more appropriate for those of us with geriatric joints.

More toastiness in the form of a snug little ankle boot. Pretty sure NL did something similar last year without the shearling? These remind me of shoes I had as a kid and, again, are making me wish for winter before summer’s even started.

This is kind of a wintery version of the crepe sole NL wedges that I have worn every day for the past three months. Iso was also wearing hers this morning, as was another NL bod. Best shoes of the season, hands down. Anyway here’s the winter offering and it looks as comfy as the summer option. Nice hiking boot laces.

A truly wondrous little shearling bag that I can tell you will cost an extremely reasonable £18. This is so squidgy and lovely; we’re talking pug levels of smoosh. Nice and big too and there’s a toggle on the front. Say no more.

Alright that’ll do for now. These velvety pom pom shoes are ludicrous but love them, of course. The bottom shoes are insane, like something you dream of finding in a vintage shop. Kind of tapestry/courd floral paisley wedges..?? These remind me of something I’d kill for when I was 11 and lived in my velvet bucket hat and tie-dye maxi skirt. I’ve ditched the hat, but otherwise… wow, what went wrong? I’ll leave you with possibly the best thing about the event:

Yeah crushed velvet backpack. Oooooheeee that’s why I call a goodie bag. Iso suggested I tippex band names on it but I think I might try and dig out the stoner smiley face patch I’ve been holding onto since I was about 12 and add that.

All in all, awesome work New Look and I cannot wait for this line to hit in autumn. Much as I claim to be a sun worshipper, the truth is that shoes are just better in winter. Sigh.

14 thoughts on “New Look AW10 press day

  1. holy shit that velvet backpack might be exactly what i’m looking for, i’m yet to find the perfect one. must own

  2. Those pom pom shoes will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.
    I appreciate they are a sequin away from a ticket to transvestite0ville, but this as an endorsement, surely?
    I freakin love pom poms.

  3. those ankle boots are identical to ones that office was selling when i was in the uk (well, except for the tassle stuff). i got them in black, though.

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