New Look Press Day II

Just a couple of extra bits… The clothes at New Look were as good as the shoes, with loads of great chunky knits and dead nice coats. I only snapped a few bits because a) it’s hard to take pictures of clothes b) I had a cup of tea that I was struggling to balance and c) time was ticking by and it was time to get back to the office. Anyway, here are three of my favourite bits. There was also a brilliant candy pink 60s-ish swing coat with black velvet collar and buttons which I will be investing in… there’s a picture of it in the lookbook but I guess I left that at work because there’s no sign of it at home.

I wasn’t 100% sold on Mr Wang’s velvet reinvention, but when I saw this red velvet maxi skirt… I dunno, it did something for me. I can’t imagine wearing this as velvet isn’t the most forgiving of fabrics and with a maxi skirt one has to be careful but I wanted to take a picture of it anyway because it’s the first time I’ve been sold on velvet this season. Stage left we see Isabelle in her blouse that matched my dress so nicely. Thanks Iso, good clothes hanger holding skills.

Ooh hello, this is a bit Christopher Kane a few years ago isn’t it? I love this and it’s a lot more realistically doable than the maxi. Nice little party dress with corset top and flippy skirt in the perfect Christmas shade of red. Mmmhmm. I don’t like dressing thematically but at Christmas I always like to wear something FESTIVE. Such a nice 90s babydoll shape, I can already envision this with the belt that I wear every day of my life;

*Full disclaimer; that’s not me.

And now for something completely different… Cliché but true, there’s nothing better than a nice frock worn with a big khaki parka in winter. This will be this winter’s overcoat of choice for me. It’s the perfect shade of army green and has all the requisite bells and whistles but with the bonus addition of a huge furry hood. It’s faux of course, but so soft and silky and all furry all the way through, not just as a trim. Love the tie waist too; these coats tend to look best belted but I hate wearing a normal belt over a jacket. Much as fashion magazines like to do it, it’s a right pain in the arse to have a belt to keep hold of on a night out or when you go to some press do and have to take your jacket off and hand the bemused assistant your separate belt. This will be mine and the only question is whether to put the stoner smiley face badge that I mentioned in my last New Look post on here or on the velvet backpack…

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